In Long Beach, keenhomecare is a most popular clinic, which is providing the elder care services for older age people in Long Beach. This clinic has a team of professional and certified caregivers and providers who are dedicated to provide a wide range of care services for elder people at the lowest cost possible. Their process is so careful and comprehensive to better ensure your aging loved one’s health, happiness and comfort.

To hire their professional care providers for your loved one, there is a step by step procedure.

Step-1 Their in-home care assistance status:

Their process always begins in your loved one’s home. A geriatric care manager from Keen Home Care meets you and your loved one and conducts a comprehensive assessment of their needs, preferences and current status. They build upon the assessment results with input from you, your family and your loved one’s primary care physician or other medical professionals. These insights are critical to developing a flexible and future-oriented care plan.


Step-2 includes, Setting A Vision For Long-Term Care:

After completion of the assessment, the geriatric care manager, co-creates a Keen Care Vision plan with you and your family. This long-term plan includes ensuring your loved one always receives the appropriate level of care to match their changing needs and financial situation.

Step-3 Finding the Perfect Caregiver:

Once you have decided to get home senior care services, they get to work on matching your loved one with the right in-home caregiver. Their Carefit program invites you to fill out a questionnaire about your loved one’s habits and preferences for a more precise match.

Step-4 Staying Connected To The Family:

This clinic provides the family communication which is known as the Keen Family Connection ensures that you are in communication with your loved one at the rhythm that’s most convenient and comfortable for both of you. To know more details about their home care services, visit