Keenhomecare is a specialized clinic, which provides the reliable and high standard care assistance services for older people who need someone to take of them at home. This clinic is specialized for professional care assistance services in Long Beach. This clinic has a team of certified and experienced care  providers who are dedicated to provide a wide range of home care services at the lowest cost possible. If your loved one is in crisis and you need a professionals who are providing the immediate home care solutions and you have to hire long term senior care plans.

Their home care services include:
  • Immediate care solutions
  • In home care services
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • Hoarding services
  • Hospice Care Services
  • Legal and financial Services
  • Relocation Services
Selecting the perfect home care agency for your aging loved one is the main thing and it is not a time consuming and detailed task. Keenhomecare is the perfect choice for your  loved one and it is providing the high range of care services at the best prices. This clinic is also offers the senior relocation services at affordable prices by their professionals.
Relocation Services:
While your loved one needs to move to another home, then you have to hire a guide who will navigate trouble areas and find the best new home for your elderly loved one. In Keen Home Care, our senior transition services help you locate a new environment that makes your loved one feel right at home.
  • Assessment to determine senior’s needs, desires and affordability of a new home environment
  • Research local facilities for the best fit based on your loved ones’s assessment
  • Partner with family and a new facility to complete required paperwork
  • Assist senior to visit facilities, as needed for their evaluation of a good fit
  • Partner with the new facility staff as needed to ensure a smooth transition
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